My work begins with wandering. Simple walks, long excursions, and relocations provide clues about projects I want to make. Along the way, I seek out situations, objects, and places . I use video and photography to gather information, take notes, and talk with people. Things that are beautiful, odd, frightening, humorous, or incomplete attract me. I push myself to explore what is unfamiliar. Focusing on these experiences leads me to develop the format of an artwork or extended project such as a video or community project.

I am not constricted to one process or medium. My preference is to work in many different settings, drawing on a range of creative practices: social practice, community arts, arts administration, photography, video, and drawing. As a result, I am sometimes an artist in the foreground as a creator, sometimes a collaborator, and sometimes an artist in the background as a facilitator.

In my studio practice, I work with content gathered through exploration. There is no script. I sift through existing images and capture new ones as conceptual threads, themes, allowing narratives to emerge. I use simple editing methods to emphasize, distill, or bridge them conceptually. My presentation style is direct. I aim to create content that is recognizable. Current topics in my work include intuition, trust, isolation, and travel.

I care about creating situations that encourage social or emotional connections in all of my work, but especially in projects in the public realm. Depending on the project I seek to reach out and invite people in as observers, participants, or collaborators.