Consulting Services

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Artist Selection
From developing selection frameworks to facilitating committee meetings, I love the artist selection process. I have managed selection for over 150 public art projects, and have rules to live by to make the process successful.

Benchmarking and Research
Are you looking for examples of public art programs, policies, or projects that will inspire and inform your work? I can gather information you need and distill the data into concise reports. With good pictures.

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Are you seeking honest and constructive feedback? I am available for calls or meet ups.

Community Engagement and Educational Programs
When I founded the Office of Public Art in Pittsburgh, educational programs were 50% of our mission.  I am passionate about creating compelling programs for people to learn about public art.  We can work together to plan public art kayak tours, printed guides, artist studio visits, book clubs, and more to bring public art content to new and varied audiences.

I am an engaged panelist who does her homework and reads materials ahead of time. Experienced on local, regional, and national grant and artist selection panels.

Collaborating with communities and teams of colleagues, I have created public art plans and strategies in small towns and large metropolitan areas. Learn more here.

Program Development and Fine Tuning
Some of my favorite projects are working with existing public art programs to reconsider their policies, procedures, engagement strategies, and working methods.  We can work together to evaluate your systems and consider new ways of working.

Public Speaking
While I am often asked to give presentations on a variety of public art topics, I am also available to speak about my work as an artist, collaborations, and how to plan for a grown up gap year and travel the world. Comfortable in front of large crowds and intimate settings.

Workshops and Classes
From basic training to in-depth classes on a single topic, I have planned and implemented single and multi-day workshops, classes, and events for artists, arts administrators, and community development colleagues. I was an adjunct in the Masters of Arts Management Program at Carnegie Mellon University for a decade and have been a guest speaker in graduate and undergraduate classes.