1. I am an artist who works in the public realm.  Sometimes, it's clear that I am an artist.  Other times, it's in the background.  On purpose.

2. Last June, colleagues who work in public art recognized my contribution to the field.  When people who know how hard it is to get things done applaud you for your work, it means a lot.  You can watch the video here. 

3. It's fun to take risks. In January 2018 I launched my Grown Up Gap Years to travel the world and explore new projects. They are exactly what I hoped they would be: inspiring, compelling, adventurous, and filled with chances for me to experience new places and meet new people.

4. Some memorable experiences during my two months in Japan were here, here, and here. But truly, the list is endless.

5. I am sharing public art projects on Americans for the Arts’ Instagram feed. Check out #publicartpostcard.

6. I love working with nice people on good projects engaging artists in communities.  Read more and reach out if you would like to talk about working together.

7. A new project is brewing.  Contents: photography, public transportation, last stops, and meeting strangers. Stay tuned.

8. I brought a few books in my suitcase as I transition from paper to a tablet. This one traveled with me for a year as I slowly read it. I am glad I stuck with it. If you are in Tokyo looking for a good read, I donated it to the library in Ikebukuro.

9. Do you have four minutes to watch a video featuring a tumbleweed about intuition. Yes. You do.

10. If you need to reach me, fill out the easy form below.


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