1. I am an artist who works in the public realm.  Sometimes, it's clear that I am an artist.  Other times, it's in the background.  On purpose.

2. It's fun to take risks. On January 1, 2018 I resigned my position at the Office of Public Art and am embarking on a grown up gap year.  Or two. 

3. This year, colleagues who work in public art recognized my contribution to the field.  When people who know how hard it is to get things done applaud you for your work, it means a lot.  You can watch the video here. 

4. I spent a month living in Montreal this year exploring parks, going to festivals, biking the Lachine Canal, visiting the Jean Talon market at noon and midnight, and using my high school French. 

5. I love working with nice people on good projects that engage artists in communities.  Read more.

6. A new project is brewing.  Contents: photography, public transportation, last stops, and meeting strangers. Stay tuned.

7. The books on my nightstand are becoming less of an intimidating pile. I have prioritized time to read.  I just read this and am still a bit agitated.  I agree with the premise of the book, but some of the details were frustrating. To feel better, I read this. I bought it here. 

8. I spent four wonderful weeks at the Jentel artist residency and made this video from 15 years of old drawings. It was screened at the Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival this summer.

9. Have you ever made a video for a product you want to exist?  I did. If you work in the public realm, this one is for you.

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